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Alice In Wonderland

Choreography, Costumes and Staging by Barbara Olsen. In Alice our “Alice” Kayla Madsen actually narrated the story and sang original Disney songs as she danced. Our “Welcome to the Tea Party” dance was spectacular. Before the Alice Production began we performed variations from the ballet Paquita with the original Marius Petipa (1840) choreography . Chase O’Connell from Ballet West was our guest male dancer.

Beauty and the Beast

Choreography, Costumes and Staging by Barbara Olsen.In Beauty & the Beast Barbara Olsen gave her soloists each an opportunity to dance famous classical variations from Swan Lake, Paquita, Cinderella, Giselle, Sylvia , Sleeping Beauty and more that were incorporated into the story. Our younger dancers were candlesticks, bluebirds, bakerdogs (boys), Snowflakes, and little school girls. Landon Anderson from BYU was our Male guest artist.

Sleeping Beauty

Choreography Marius Petipa (1840) & Barbara Olsen. All Costumes designed by Barbara Olsen. Our production was exquisite for Sleeping Beauty. Our dancers experience such high quality of training by dancing to the original  extremely difficult choreography of Marius Petipa. Chris Anderson from Ballet West was  one our male guest artist.


Choreography, costuming and staging by Barbara Olsen. Coppelia is the story of a toy maker. We loved performing this full length ballet. Our dancers have an opportunity to learn pas de deux (dancing with male partner). We hire dancers from Ballet West, BYU, and U. of U. to be our guest artists.

Halloween Parties

The week of Halloween each class has their own party in which they wear costumes and receive  a fun silly ballet class.  UASB has extravagantly decorated the class room with spider webs, etc.  Miss Barbara dons her entire witch attire. She tells shares her Witch’s brew recipe as she adding spiders, rats, eyeballs etc.  Her final ingredient is Poison?? The witch’s brew explodes into incredible fog. A  buffet of treats the students bring follows.

Mother’s & Tea Parties

Annual event the Saturday before Mother’s Day at St. John the Baptist Elementary. Dancers and their Mother’s wear Sunday Best. The room is extravagantly decorated in the theme of each years Summer recital. An Incredible buffet luncheon is available.  Dancer’s and their Mother’s look forward to decorating their own tables which seat 8.  Everyone enjoys a  Fashion show of the upcoming recital costumes and a tiny preview of upcoming dances. Reservations required.

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